About Us

Started our successful journey as a plant on 27th May 2002, Nature Water expanded its overall business operations and branches by achieving multiple milestones in the "19-liters-bottle-market" within a short period. Nature healthy life is the first national brand that aims to provide international standards of quality and has a vision of providing top-quality drinking water with affordability and accessibility. Throughout this phase, they adopted the strategy of "high-quality water & affordability" with fast work-flow methodology. Being a Karachi-based venture, Nature Water is the rapidly growing brand in the bottled water industry which excels in the corporate sector as well as the residential sector & believes in strengthening a healthy lifestyle.


To provide our customers with the best value-added products for their health through a state-of-the-art processing facility, constant improvement, and excellence.


Known to provide pure water, Nature Water comes with a vision of "quality for everyone." Our goal is to supply healthy water and to provide our customers with the most high-grade services. Nature itself is a sign of purity and has its self-operated distribution network, comprising of different centers with well-trained staff and professional vehicles through which we deliver all over Karachi. We are the fastest growing brand in the Pakistani bottled water industry who is in-process of expansion of our network facilities.


  • Embracing excellence TQM our business.
  • Working as a professional team with fairness and honesty
  • Focus on quality and earn the loyalty of the customer.