Privacy Policy

At Nature Water, we recognize the customers’ hesitations regarding their privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, we safeguard your data and other information.

  • This procedure protects your personal information, contact details, address, and other data. This is only for Nature Water’s use and applies to all our services.
  • We will have your personal information in case of the water delivery orders or may save your data for the discounted offers or promotions.
  • We will be collecting data only by legitimate means and it may be kept in privacy.
  • It is important that people understand the initiative behind this information handling and taking, it is to progress the communication and quality of services between Nature Water and our customers.
  • Under no circumstances, we sell or trade your data to anyone and guarantee professional efforts so that you are protected.
  • To have our products, you must acknowledge our privacy policy. We admire your confidence in us and pledge to protect your information and advance our online water delivery system.
  • In case of any concerns or queries, feel free to contact us.